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Multiprocessor Quake

Multiprocessor Quake

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Apple's multiprocessors have impressed few of the analysts present at the Expo. To leave indifferent not so much the technological demonstration of Apple that becomes the first world producer to have almost an entire line standardized on the multiprocessors, but the fact that they are very few applications that are able to exploit this feature of the new Macs. which Apple is aware of and is trying to repair with the support of some strategic manufacturers because they will soon release programs capable of exploiting this feature. Among the first there will also be ID. The Quake creators have announced that in a very short time a SMP version of Quake Arena will be released. "We are adding multiprocessor support – said Graeme Divine, one of the managers of the Mac program to the ID – and we have already sent a first build to Apple" , a statement that would leave a prelude to the fact that it could be released to the public very soon. ID's dedication to supporting Apple's new technologies is not surprising. Already in recent months the company of John Carmak had presented a version for MacOs X of Arena. According to Graeme this commitment is due to the fact that Apple has recently shown that it really believes in games as a means of disseminating the platform. In recent days, on the contrary, other developers had denounced the lack of interest on the part of the Cupertino company to support those who are working on games, citing, among other things, the cut in the development of Sprockets.

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