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Mentions, Facebook releases the app for VIPs also in Italy

The Facebook application reserved for celebrities leaves the borders of the United States

The exclusive appmentionsit becomes a little less exclusive. Last month Facebook had launched iltoolche allowed aipublic figuresto listen to the flow of information and comments concerning them within the social network. A way (inspired by Twitter mentions) to bring celebrities closer to the conversations that see them as protagonists and make interaction with fans easier. The necessary condition to have access to the app was to own oneidentity verificationand residency in the United States.

From today, Facebook announces, this last restriction has been removed:mentions available in40 countries outside the US;a list of authorized countries has not been published, but Italy has

(Photo: Facebook)(Photo: Facebook)

The criteria for downloading the app remain the same: the presentation page quotesactors, athletes, musicians and other public figures", Adding in lime "Facebook Mentions available only for public characters with verified pages".Since we mere mortals cannot access the app, but William Shatner (aka Captain James Tiberius Kirk) s, here is his review from his privileged view of celebrities.

Spoiler: according to him "Ill-conceived".


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