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MacOs X Server incompatible with multiprocessors

MacOs X Server incompatible with multiprocessors

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Apple has formalized in recent days what our site had written since the update of the website of the Cupertino company, together with the announcements of the Expo: MacOs X Server is out of production. Today, with an article on the technical information service, we also learn why: the new G4 multiprocessors are not compatible with the professional operating system. It would therefore not have made sense the persistence in the list of a product that could no longer be sold in combination with the new servers. Now with Apple with unofficial declarations it is known that "soon" a new operating system will be released that will replace MacOs X Server . Nobody says it but it is very difficult to think that this new OS is not MacOs X. According to some sources, Apple intends to produce an additional package (a sort of Server Pack, similar to ASIP) to sell in addition to the client version. But this, obviously, will not be possible until the final version of MacOs X is released, most likely next January. Until then, Mac users and retailers will have to go ahead with MacOs 9 even for professional machines. .

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