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Linux, a threat to MacOs X?

Linux, a threat to MacOs X?

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IBM intends to invest $ 200 million in Europe to promote the Linux operating system. IBM will open 7 development centers and implement partnerships with companies focused on Linux. In these centers hardware, software and human resources will be available for developers. In this way, IBM hopes to make Linux the operating system of choice for "business" applications. IBM will also form a partnership with Logix, the French software and hardware distributor that acquired the rights for Red Hat. Logix will sell Linux solutions only on IBM systems, based on the agreements. But IBM is not the only one of the giants to show a definite interest in Linux: even Dell Computer for example, announced that it is expanding its technical support for open-source software, placing it on the same level as Microsoft's Windows support.

(Edited by Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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