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Jobs: here is the Apple of tomorrow

Jobs: here is the Apple of tomorrow

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A significantly higher market share than the current 6% and a remote future where computers built specifically for surfing the Internet and a near future in which style and design will continue to count for a lot could make their appearance. Here is the philosophy and the program that will guide the presidency of Steve Jobs to Apple for the next few years, just as the founder of the Cupertino company explained it during an interview with Business Week. The central part of the newspaper on sale with the date of July 31 presents an in-depth service on Apple, of which the main feature is an interview in which Jobs.L'Iceo carries out a reflection on the PC market disseminating some clues on what we should expect for the future, in particular Jobs announces that its mission "to create a new product completely different from those on the market every nine months". This "electrifying" challenge can be collected and won, explains Jobs, if you have the right people "as happens to us today and as happened in the past when I worked with Wozniak". In this way, according to the CEO of Apple, you can achieve important goals on the market: "Today, if we exclude the industrial sector, we have 6% of the market – says Jobs in the interview – if we think that it would be enough to win only 6% more users from the PC market to double the our size, you can't be that excited. "No mention of future products even though Jobs admits that" we thought countless times about a device for the Internet, but for now we thought it better to produce an iMac for $ 799 rather than grapple with a "business like this". One thing, however, Apple users can be sure: design will continue to be one of Apple's dominant tomorrow. "It is not possible to determine an area of ??business where design is not important – says Jobs – certainly others in the computer industry have failed, but we are not. We are the only ones who have the creative and engineering resources to do what we do, and we are also the only ones with enough courage to do it and we will continue to do so "Finally a joke about the Disney affair:" What I can say that if at Disney they are planning something about the merger and my chairmanship of the board of directors have not yet had the complacency to tell me ".

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