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If not even 30 GB in the PowerBook are enough …

If not even 30 GB in the PowerBook are enough …

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The expansion bay of the Xcaret Pro line with 20 and 30 GB hard disks for the 1998 PowerBook G3 models (300 MHz, 292 MHz, 266 MHz, 250 MHz and 233 MHz) is available in limited quantities (from September onwards). ) in different denominations for the 1999 and 2000 models (Lombard and 101).

The new products on the list are the 30 Gb model which costs $ 699, the 20 Gb $ 599. Initialization will take 5% to 7%.

MCE states that they are just what you need to capture DV video with your PowerBook (Ultra ATA / 66 and Ultra DMA, Direct Memory Access).

Special offers

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