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How to use your smartphone as a PS4 wireless keyboard

Even the consoles are no longer thought up to play, but allow you to perform many other functions, such as watching a movie, logging on social media and messaging. Of course, use the console controller to write fairly long sentences that are not easy. If you also use the console to chat with friends, you knew that writing messages to PS4 is much easier, setting aside the controller and using the smartphone as a wireless keyboard PS4? Everything you need is a smartphone or iPhone with the PlayStation App installed.

wireless keyboard PS4 1You can download the application respectively from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for the iOS platform, and once installed on the device, you can use it with keyboard functionality and write faster as if you were chatting from the phone. Just follow these steps to use your smartphone as a wireless PS4 keyboard.


Use your smartphone as a wireless PS4 keyboard:

  • Open the PlayStation app on your smartphone.
  • Click onConnect to PS4.

wireless keyboard PS4 2

  • The application will search and soon detect the PS4 that will appear in the list of devices.
  • In the list click onPS4.
  • Once you have made the connection between your smartphone and the PS4 you will need to log in with your PSN / email username and password.

wireless keyboard PS4 3

  • The smartphone can be added as a device for the PS4.
  • Return to the PS4 and use the controller to select Settings from the XMB (Cross-Media Bar – or from the initial screen).
  • Select Connection settings PlayStation App then choose Add device.
  • A code is displayed on the TV screen.

wireless keyboard PS4 4

  • Enter the code in the PlayStation App on your smartphone.
  • This completes the connection between the device and the PS4.
  • Now choose the option Second screen from the PlayStation App.
  • Using the controller only to navigate, open the contacts on the PS4 and search for any messages.
  • Now click on the keyboard symbol in the PlayStation app at the top of the screen.
  • You will now be able to enter the text using the smartphone's touchscreen keypad.

This practical feature can be used whenever you need to enter text on the PS4 and can also be used on tabletiOS or Android, just install the PlayStation App even on the tablet. I hope this feature to use a smartphone as a wirelessPS4ti keyboard has been useful to make it easier for you to enter text on the PS4.