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How Hyperlapse, the new Instagram app, works

Hyperlapse is born, the new Instagram app that allows you to create time-lapse as a true steady-cam.
 The basic idea is very simple: the algorithm compares a frame to …

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born Hyperlapse the new Instagram app that allows you to make time-lapse like a true steady-cam.The technology integrated in the iOS devices and the special algorithm created by the programmers allowed to create an instrument that minimizes or cancels the blur.

The basic idea is very simple: the algorithm compares one frame to the next by eliminating the edges where the flicker appears. The result is a stabilized video e a truly cinematic final effect.

Hyperlapse, an app a s, created to providea unique and different experience compared to Instagram: here you will not find filters to manipulate images.The only filter is speed.

In the initial screen there is only one button, the one to record the video (maximum length: 45 minutes), while a counter tells you the duration of the recording both in normal speed and at 6x speed, the standard one.Dopodich, you can choose the speed at which send it: from the realistic speed 1x effect like the movie sequence plans you get up to 12x speed, to give vent to your creativity.

Once realized, the video can be immediately shared on Facebook or Instagram (directly from the app, but without geolocation) and is saved in the Film Roll, giving you the possibility to upload it later or on other platforms, such as Vine, YouTube or Vimeo.

Hyperlapse available at the moment, only for iOS 7 and later systems, given the strong integration with the in-house device technology, but Instagram does not exclude an Android version in the future.


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