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Hipmoji, the faces become hipsters

The app to add a mustache to your text messages (or photos)

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New frontier in the world of advanced emoticons, or emojis: Cookies & Milk developers have created a new set of smilies and images designed to satisfy the more hipster side of users. The hipmoji in fact they allow text messages and emails to be supplied with a nice pair of mustaches, a can of beer, a cigar, Pharrell's hat and so on. Version 1.0 of this app also includes a tool to add hipmojis to photos. For example, you take a selfie, complete it with a hipster touch and then share it via MMS, e-mail and on social media platforms.

Those of Cookies & Milk claim that they would also like to insert hipmoji with the marijuana leaf or with the middle finger raised, but that Apple's policy has prevented it for now. However, they promise future updates, in which they hope to include everything they thought of during development.

Hipmoji downloadable for free (or paying the equivalent of $ 0.99 for the version without banner ads and watermarks). Requires at least iOS 7 and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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