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Galaxy S5 update to Android Marshmallow

As has been known for some time, smartphone makers with Android operating systems are releasing few updates for their devices, limiting the latest Android versions only to the leading endpoints. Fortunately Samsung has decided to release Galaxy S5 update to Android Marshmallow. This news will delight the owners of this smartphone, the Korean company's device released on 2014. Now they have the possibility to update Android Marshmallow on Samsung Galaxy S5 and use the latest innovations introduced by Google on this smartphone.

The new Android update for Galaxy S5 brings with it a series of changes, such as renewed icons, a better subdivision of the menus within the settings or an improvement in the performance of Samsung's applications. Battery and operating system performance has also improved compared to the past, thanks to the latest innovations introduced by Google in Android Marshmallow.Galaxy S5 Update 1

If you are a Galaxy S5 owner, in this guide you will see how you can upgrade Galaxy S5 to Android Marshmallow and enjoy the latest features.

Galaxy S5 update to Android Marshmallow


To be able to install the Android Marshmallow update on Galaxy S5 it is necessary to respect these pre-requisites:

  • need to use a PC with Windows installed.
  • You need to make a backup copy of all the data and apps on your smartphone, as this procedure involves formatting the internal memory of the Galaxy S5.
  • Make sure the battery percentage is at least 80% to avoid problems during the installation phase.
  • Make sure your Galaxy S5 model is SM-G900F. You can check it by going into Settings -> Device Info. If the model does not match, do not install following this guide, otherwise you could irreparably corrupt the device.
  • The version of Android that you will install Marshmallow 6.0.1. Specifically, the Samsung update code G900FXXU1CPE9.

Note: Although the procedure is quite simple to perform and does not involve high risks, the problem is always present. Therefore Guideitech is not responsible for any damage caused to the device.

Guide to update Android Marshmallow on Samsung Galaxy S5

  • First you need to download the Android Marshmallow firmware for Samsung Galaxy S5. You can do it directly from this link (free registration required to download).
  • At the end of the download, extract the .zip file into a folder.
  • Now download the tool Odin v3.09 on the PC via this link and then extract the archive into a folder.
  • Turn off the Galaxy S5 and start it in Download mode. To do this hold down the keys at the same time Volume Gi + Home + Power until a triangle appears. At this point release all the keys and press the key once Power to confirm entering the Download mode.
  • On the PC open the tool Odin previously downloaded and connects the smartphone to the PC via the USB cable.
  • If the device has been connected correctly, you will see a box color in the upper left corner of the program Odin.
  • Now select the button AP and, in the screen that opens, look for and open the update file you downloaded at the beginning of this guide and extracted it to a folder.

Note: if the AP button is not present, then select the PDA button and execute the same instructions.

  • On the left side of Odin make sure the item is next re-partition There is NO check mark.
  • Check that Auto Reboot is F. Reset are selected.
  • After checking all these fields, click on the button Start to start the update process.

Wait for the installation to complete, which may take several minutes. At the end of the installation the Samsung Galaxy S5 will restart automatically. The first start can last longer than usual as the configuration of the new operating system will be performed.

If you have correctly executed all the steps of the guide, you will now have the new Galaxy S5 update to Android Marshmallow and use the latest innovations introduced by Google also on this smartphone. If you are experiencing problems or need clarification, you can write to us using the comments at the end of this article.