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Farewell to Steve Jobs

Farewell to Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple who died at 56, pancreatic cancer prevailed. Leave an unbridgeable gap.

Steve Jobs struggled, up to the last one left at his command post, but he didn't make it. The genius of Apple turned off, the pancreatic cancer that had already hit him in 2004, got the better. At just 56 years of age, he left us one of the symbolic figures of our digital age, the inventor of the mouse, the iPod, the iPad and countless other devices that changed our lives. Apple's home dedicated to him, with sobriety and elegance, as he would have liked. In his career Jobs has never talked about his interviews, his interventions have always been focused on technology, on products. Leave an unbridgeable gap in Apple, and in our age. An icon, a genius, a businessman, but above all a person who saw the future more clearly than the others. On the Apple website, an email message [email protected] to which you can send condolences, memories and messages to Jobs . Rest in peace, Steve.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011