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Apple Display with DVI from PowerBooks.

Apple Display with DVI from PowerBooks.

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Margi Systems presents the new PC Card, type II 64-bit and 4 MB ie maximum resolution 1600 × 1200 @ 85 Hz, "Display-to-Go" which can connect a PowerBook G3 to displays that use digital connection DVI, or the 22 ? Cinema Display and the new 15 ? Studio Display.

With the card is also given a cable (20pin DFP) female DVI 30 cm (model 90008) or a cable of equal length for analogue VGA displays (model 90007). Both cost $ 299.

It is not a mirroring card but a card that can leave the laptop display active and at the same time show another image (also in another resolution) from the PC Card outputs. The drivers contained in the package are for Mac OS 9 and Windows 98.

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