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Apple AirPods Pro start strong: monthly production doubled | Rumor

The Apple AirPods Pro seem to have started off on the right foot: according to what is reported on Nikkei, the Apple had to contact a new Chinese supplier for double production, currently 1 million units a month, thus satisfying the very high demand. The success of the first Apple earphones with in-ear design is remarkable especially when you consider the list price, equal to 280 euros – decidedly high for the sector, which in our opinion is not reflected in such a clearly superior quality.

The choice of the new supplier fell on Luxshare, famous in the sector for having a aggressive approach in order to be able to meet the agreed delivery times – and apparently Apple has preferred it to its usual partners, such as Foxconn, Quanta and Inventec, precisely for this reason. Production will be shared between two factories in mainland China. It is also noteworthy that Apple has turned to a Chinese manufacturer, at a time when it is fighting with the US government for an exemption or reduction of import duties, in the context of the commercial war between the two superpowers, and is committed to decentralize the production of its devices in other Asian countries, such as Vietnam and India.

Within a few years, Apple has achieved a position of absolute dominance of the wearable device market thanks to the various AirPods models. According to Bloomberg estimates, the boom is far from over: in 2019, 60 million units should be shipped, doubling the result of the previous year.