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Airport for airports

Airport for airports

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Soon many American airports could become the "paradise" of Mac users with Airport cards. The premises have been set in the past few days by Global Digital Media, which started laying 802.11b-compatible networks, namely Airport's, in the halls of major US airports. The objective of Global Digital Media (GDM) that of selling access to these networks to managers and businessmen for whom it was annoying or too complicated to use the Internet access points located in the lounges, seizing the opportunities offered by the spread of the wireless communication standard also used from Apple. If the GDM projects will be completed very likely that the deal can also be very lucrative, given that the speed of the network and the convenience of being able to access the Internet from any waiting room chair, can justify a high price. GDM is planning to sell the service with flexible pricing: the cost will be calculated, depending on the type of subscription or access to minutes or there will be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly "subscriptions". The first airport to have this type of service will be that of Philadephia. Later, within 12/18 months, access will be extended to all major US airports. In the meantime GDM plans to enter into contracts also with hotels and airlines.

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