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5 apps that help you pack

Did you bring everything? If packing your suitcase is anxious, here are the best remedies. If, on the other hand, you think you know how to tame each piece of luggage, take a look: Packpoint and the other apps will amaze you

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Let's dispel the myth immediately: packing is not so difficult. Legends tell of unspeakable trials and bloody challenges in which the baggage seems to have often the best: c terrified when it has to undo it, who would carry with it anything, who uses ramshackle revised and corrected pen lists and who has the total refusal to have to begin (sentence type: "Rather than packing, I stay home"). In short, it can be done. And because of that principle, which is the basis of the app, so all useful but not indispensable, here comes a series of applications whose purpose is to help to make the suitcase even the most stoic of the unorganized.

PackpointiOS, Android: free

After a series of general questions like the sex of the traveler, duration and type of trip (do you travel for work or for pleasure?), The app verifies the expected climate in the destination and prepares the appropriate list. In short, nothing automatic, an intelligent list that also takes into account the weather.

Suitcase & Luggage ProAndroid: 1.99 euros

The ability to customize your own list boasts an inventory with 15 categories and over 640 items. If necessary, you can send the summary reports of the lists to your e-mail. Also useful is the option that summarizes the various security measures of the various airports worldwide, as well as the weight of the luggage. available in Italian and you can choose between the pink and the blue theme. Only for Android.

BaglistAndroid: free

By now we understand that, basically, these apps outline the user's profile about to start with a series of questions that are broadly the same. Baglist allows to access a series of generic lists, that is the standard list of objects to be taken, defined only according to the user's profile. Perhaps not suitable for those who are going on a long journey in which they do not want to forget anything, but certainly useful for those in a hurry and perhaps using the app only as a sort of guideline – it does some of its own head. There is also a plus version, always free, which allows you to exceed the limit of objects to be added in the basic version (ie 300 pieces) and, by registering or logging in via Facebook, it allows you to create more suitcases per se for other users who are about to leave with you.

Packing ProiOS: 2.69 euros

Once the ad hoc list for the trip has been identified, not only the app gives the possibility to save the list, but it automatically synchronizes with iCloud, so you are sure not to lose it anymore. Another advantage that Packing Pro has, rare in this type of app, is the ability to set Italian as a language. It gives the possibility to create an endless list of lists and can also be used comfortably to organize the school backpack or the office briefcase. Available for iOS only.

Travel ListiOS: 1.79 euros

The strength of this application is the simplicity of the graphics, hence the clarity of use. Once you put the clothes in your suitcase, tick them off, the Travel List will have them automatically dissolved, leaving those that are missing visible. there is also a reminder that works just like an alarm clock and tells you things to put in just before departure (see: toothbrush & co).


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