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Worn out iPhone battery reduces performance. How to verify it

Have you noticed that your iPhone has reduced its performance and are looking for ways to understand why and how to speed it up? It may not depend on overloading the internal memory or too many installed apps. Or from the new operating system update. The cause could simply be the iPhone battery. Apple has released a shocking statement. The performance of your iPhone will be automatically reduced if the battery is worn. The reason to protect the iPhone from sudden shutdowns.

Since the iOS 10.2.1 version, Apple has used the operating system to help iPhones with more worn out batteries to avoid sudden shutdowns. Recently, with iOS 11.2, Apple has brought functionality to the iPhone 7 as well.

This solution to lower the iPhone's performance undoubtedly creates a better user experience (compared to an iPhone that turns off suddenly) and the right compromise found by Apple even if you have a slower iPhone. In this guide we want to help you make a diagnosis of the iPhone battery and if it is worn, to intervene with the facilitated replacement provided by Apple.

How to check the health and capacity of the iPhone battery

If you notice that your Apple device has reduced its performance, the first thing to do is to check its wear with an iPhone battery diagnostic. This way you can know exactly the percentage of the iPhone battery. This is not an internal function of the iOS operating system, so you must rely on third-party apps. An easy way to check the health and battery capacity of your iPhone is to install a free app called Battery Life. You can download it from the following link.

Download |Battery Life

How the Battery Life app works

After downloading the Battery Life app on your iPhone, open it and you will immediately see the battery status. Simple data interpretation. You can read them both by the percentage of use of the battery and by the color. The color green or yellow means that the state of wear of the battery is good or mediocre. You can also view the remaining battery and total capacity.

iPhone battery 1

From the red color you will notice that the battery is worn, so it is better to change it. You should also do it because the performance of your iPhone is reduced for the reasons mentioned above.

iPhone 2 battery

How to check the performance of your iPhone

After verifying the battery status, there is a way to also check the current performance of your iPhone. You will be able to find out how much, based on the state of the battery, the performance of the iPhone has dropped. Even this function is not integrated into the operating system, so let us rely on a third-party app called Geekbench. You can download it from the link below at a cost of 1.09.

Download |Geekbench 4

How the Geekbench app works

A Geekbench appche offers a complete set of benchmarks designed to quickly and accurately measure the performance of your iPhone's processor and memory. This way you can check the consequences of battery wear and how much iPhone power has been reduced. Opening the app you can view different data related to the benchmark score assigned based on the performance of your iPhone. Moreover you will notice a comparison between your iPhone and those of the average of the iPhones of your same model. The following data correspond to the iPhone with a "mediocre" battery power seen before. The scores are two and refer to the use of a single core or to two cores of the iPhone processor.

iPhone benchmark battery 1

The following data shows the benchmark score assigned to the iPhone with the "Very High" battery wear status. As you can see, the benchmark score is much lower than the previous one.

iPhone benchmark battery 2

From the comparison between these two data (battery use and benchmark score) you can see if the iPhone battery should be replaced because it slows down the device too much, or you can still hold it. For more information on battery replacement costs, please read the Apple support page.

UPDATE OF 12/29/2017

After the controversy over the power reduction of the device when the battery is excessively worn out, Apple comes out in the open with a note of apology on the official website, admitting the responsibility of a failed communication to its customers: We know that some of you are disappointed with Apple. We are sorry, Moreover: There was a big misunderstanding in this story, and we would like to clarify and let you know about some changes we are making. What are these changes? Soon said.

Apple has come up with two solutions to meet customers:

  1. Reduction of the cost of the new battery and replacement costs for all users with iPhone 6 and subsequent versions with worn out battery. Battery replacement will cost 29 instead of 89. This promotion will start from the end of January 2018 until December 2018. We will see all the details published on the official website in the coming days.
  2. Update of iOS 11 that will arrive in the coming weeks with more information on the iPhone battery usage condition and how wear affects device performance.

UPDATE 12/30/2017

IPhone 6 battery replacement program

From today the conditions to replace the exhausted iPhone battery at advantageous costs appeared on the official Apple website. Apple support has made available to users all the information necessary to obtain the replacement provided by the program. The cost of the iPhone battery to replace 29.00 euros. To learn more go to the dedicated Apple page: https: //

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