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WhatsApp Plus for Android: How to improve the classic WhatsApp

You are bored of the usual classic functions and the usual interface of Whatsapp on your Android device? Do you want to apply different themes and change the user interface, add a series of extra features that improve the messaging experience on your smartphone? Well then, WhatsApp Plusper Android definitely the one for you.

You don't know what WhatsApp Plus? It's a great way to change the original application of Whatsapp installed on your Android smartphone, adding a long list of features to make the chat on Whatsapp a completely new experience. You can change your messenger the way you want, applying the changes based on your needs. Important to know that to install the WhatsApp Plus application no need to have diroot permissions.

WhatsApp Plus a modified version of WhatsApp with many non-existent functions on WhatsApp. This safe version is updated continuously.

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WhatsApp Plusreplaces the original application of Whatsapp that you have installed on the Android device so it acts like Whatsapp primary. The application is absolutely free, but not available in the Google Play Store.

If you are looking for Wapp Plus because you have heard about it and don't know where to download it, we found it for you, providing you with the package in the APK format to install on your phone.

Below we will provide the download link and the instructions to install and run WhatsApp Plus Apkon your Android device.

DOWNLOAD | WhatsApp Plus – Link

Features WhatsApp Plus

After making WhatsApp Plus Download in Apk format, you will be able to check the video call features and many privacy options, such as: increase in the number of letters in the State, the ability to hide notifications and the possibility of sending videos and audio files larger in size and to send e-books and also to set the password for chats. In addition, it provides other options like hiding the online status when using WhatsApp Plus. Your friends may be surprised when you talk to them and you are offline.

WhatsApp Plus privacy and features

WhatsApp Plus has a special focus on privacy, like the functions that are listed on the official website of the app:

  • Hide online status: you can hide the online status and use WhatsApp freely and show everyone that you are offline (not connected).
  • Hide the blue checkmarks: you can hide the blue checkmarks for contacts and groups, when you read the massage.
  • Hide the second check mark: you can hide the second check mark for contacts and groups when you have delivered the massage.
  • Hide the write notice: possible to hide the sign indicating when you are writing a message for contacts and groups.
  • Hide registration status: You can hide the registration status for contacts and groups when recording a voice message.
  • Hide blue microphone: when you open the voice recorder, you can hide the blue microphone for contacts and groups.
  • Hide view state: you can hide the view status for contacts (your name will not appear if you have seen the status).

With WhatsApp Plus you share multimedia files

With WApp Plus you can share all types of audio files, images, videos and e-books and increase its size by more than five times.

whatsapp plus media

  • Document and file: you can send any type of file such as PDF, TXT, Documents, APK, EXE up to 50 MB in size.
  • Camera: you can send images and record videos in high quality and with greater speed.
  • Gallery: you can send high-quality images and videos from the gallery or file manager up to 50 MB.
  • Audio: you can send audio files or music from players or file managers up to 50 MB.
  • Position: you can share your location with a click.
  • Contact: you can easily select and send many contacts.

Install WhatsApp Plus without losing chats

After completing the download on your Android phone, we'll see how to install WhatsApp Plus without losing existing chats.

Step 1: Download the WhatsApp Plus apk file for any Android smartphone or tablet previously reported.

Step 2: Now you have to make a backup of your conversations so as not to lose them when you install the WhatsApp Plus apk. Open Whatsapp from your phone, go to Settings – Chat – Chat backup.Click on "Chat backup"And wait a bit to complete the backup.

Step 3: now uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device, go up Settings – App – Whatsapp – Uninstall.Note: if you can't uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device, you need to download another version of WhatsApp Plus.


Step 4: First, on the phone, go in Settings and click Settings – Security – Unknown sources.

Step 5: now, install WhatsApp Plus on your Android device that you downloaded before, you can find it in the download folder

Step 6: open WhatsApp Plus, click ACCEPT AND CONTINUE.If a message appears, allow access to WhatsApp, click Keep it going to allow all alerts.

Step 7: enter your mobile number and check your number in WhatsApp Plus. This step may take a few minutes, wait a while to provide the verification code to your phone.

Step 8: click on restore last backup, wait a while to complete the restore of the backup.

Step 9: now enter your name and choose the profile photo.

We have completed the procedure. Now have fun with your new WhatsApp Plus experience, hoping that this modified version is more satisfying than the original one.

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