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Video: Facebook Watch will surpass YouTube

Facebook Watch seems to be ready to surpass Google's YouTube. Now, he is taking the video more seriously than ever with his new product.

Facebook Watch seems to be ready to surpass Google's YouTube.

Facebook managed to grow, to overcome and marginalize its competitors thanks to its enormous user base, the massive data collection operations and the very fast speed with which the Facebook engineering teams work. We have seen Facebook far surpass several social networks over the years.

Now, he is taking the video more seriously than ever with his new Facebook Watch product and plausible that it will eventually even outlast YouTube.

What exactly is Facebook Watch?

Facebook introduced Watch on August 9 and called it "a new platform for Facebook shows".

While the video has been at the center of Facebook in recent years, Watch is the company's first attempt to brand the video as an independent property. He received his name, logo and dedicated card on Facebook, not unlike previous standalone Facebook products like Messenger, which now has its own app.

Watch features include a "Discovery" page that recommends new content, a dedicated feed for video comments and reactions to the videos themselves, specific Facebook show groups and new Watch pages. For creators and publishers, Watch presented as a platform to help them generate an audience of passionate fans and make money with their work.

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Why is Facebook Watch superer YouTube?

In addition to Facebook's competitiveness in functionality, there are many other reasons why Watch will be a success:

Mark Zuckerberg stated that the video is a priority for the platform, telling BuzzFeed that we are now in the golden age of video and that "he wouldn't be surprised if, going forward five years, most of the content that people see on Facebook and share the video on a daily basis ".

While YouTube still boasts more video views than any other platform, statistics show that Facebook is approaching at high speed. Even before Watch was launched, Facebook was generating 100 million hours of video viewing time.

On Facebook Watch the viewing time doubled

While the total viewing time on YouTube grew 60% year-on-year, Facebook doubled its daily video views from four to eight billion in just six months in 2015, from April to October. Assuming that the growth of Facebook videos continues at this rate, it is possible to say that daily video views, including Facebook Live, will settle on more than 64 billion views per day.

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