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Upgrade to G4 for iMac.

Upgrade to G4 for iMac.

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Although the echoes of the presentation of this mass of news (4 iMacs, the G4 Cube, the new keyboard 'the new mouse …) will not run out quickly, Newer Technology does not forget about the owners of older macs and announces the first update to G4 for iMac. It is the iMAXpowr G4 433, a 433MHz processor with backside cache from 1 MB to 216.5 MHz which is immediately available in the Macrorld pavilions for $ 549. The upgrade is designed for the first version of iMac, those referred to as revision A, B, C and D and is compatible with OS 9. As the first iMacs were equipped with a 223 or 333 MHz microprocessor and a 512 KB backside cache, this upgrade not only offers a clock faster and a more modern processor, but also doubling the cache. iMAXpowr G4 433 simply replaces the old processor board through an operation facilitated by the enclosed video accompanying the manual. There is no need for specific software or drivers: just open the case and make the replacement. According to Newer Technology the performance is doubled (Mac Bench of a Bondi blue 721 against the value of 1380 of the new processor), but the real competitor will be the new entry level Indigo that was presented to the keynote this morning by Steve Jobs (edited by Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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