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Upgrade also for laptops.

Upgrade also for laptops.

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Sonnet Technologies and Newer Technology present their udgrade for laptops Apple.Sonnet, which already surprised us with the first upgrade for the PowerBook 1400, launches the card Crescendo G3 / PB 400 / 1MB. Like previous upgrades for the PowerBook 1400, the Sonnet card uses a low-power IBM copper processor that even increases the range by 18%. The price is 499.95 dollars and the availability is expected from August. Newer Technology instead engages in a more ambitious company, but whose success we doubt. This is an update for the PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (those of 1988) and for the Bronze (of 1999): the only model excluded is the 233 MHz one without backside cache. The product is called MAXpowr G3-466 and will be available from the end of August. Two models are planned: $ 499 for the model intended for portable BGA cache (ball grid array cache) and $ 549 for the version to be used with the TQFP cache (thin quad flat pack cache). The procedure, which will perhaps make the achieving large sales volumes, involves removing the original processor and shipping to Newer Technology where technicians "fix the engine", test it for a night and send it back to the sender. No software to install Newer Technology guarantees full compatibility with OS X. Prices are attractive, but for European users we do not believe it is possible to get free shipping. (Edited by Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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iPhone XS 64 GB, the discount you can't refuse: 796 on Amazon

iPhone XS 64 GB at the minimum price: 792 on Amazon

On Amazon you find for Black Friday, but outside the pages of Black Friday, an iPhone XS 64 Gb at the best price on the market. Only 792 euros, forty five euros less than an iPhone 11.

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