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Uber, ice cream on demand for a day

Today it will be possible to receive five cones directly at home for 15 euros also in Italy

Uber ice cream

There is pizza at home, so why not ice cream? If you can no longer stand the scorching heat between the walls of your home or office, today you can take advantage of theUber initiative, the well-known private car transport service (which is generating a bit of discussion from us). At its second international edition, the event organized by Uber will take place simultaneously in 144 cities scattered in 38 countries on six continents, many more than the 33 involved in 2013.

How does it work? Through the dedicated app that puts you in communication with the drivers (you need to be registered on the site and have an Uber account) you can request that the fresh dessert be delivered to you, from 11 to 18. To pay for the service (15 euros for five cones and Uber merchandising) you do not need cash, since the amount will be automatically taken from your account at the time of the order.

The leading Italian cities are Milan and Rome, while the producer who adheres to the Steccolecco event. We only hope that the ice cream does not melt on the way.

Here is the promotional video of the last edition.


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