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Since the release of Macintosh II, almost all Apple models – at least the high-end ones – had the possibility of being turned on via a button on the keyboard. This comfort (non-existent to what I understand in the PC world) has now unfortunately been abolished in the new models presented in New York. The new Keyboard Pro, although equipped with some extra keys to control the cd / dvd rom, does not houses the power button. The key noted on some forums with the small triangle, moreover oriented in the opposite direction to that of the power button, is a simple "play" for the cd. The absence of the power button is also confirmed by an Apple TIL (58652). Another TIL (58660) states even more explicitly that the new iMac is not equipped with the circuitry (but at this point we assume the same is true what also for the Cube) which allows the keyboard to be switched on, so it will be useless to try to connect a different keyboard, hoping to find this functionality again. popular mouse and old-style keyboard, and 'to use the button on the computer itself.As for Cube and G4 MP, there is instead a new touch button available on the front of the new monitors (TIL 58671) with operation similar to that of the keys present on the CPU which control the switching on of the PC. As already noted on Macity, pressing (or flicking) the power buttons gets you to put the computer to sleep, while shutting down requires a continuous press of five seconds. Or, of course, you can always use the classic "Stop". According to Macintouch this particularity combined with the silence and low consumption of the new Macs would induce users to prefer the "Stop" to the "Stop" compromising to a certain extent the stability of MacOS 9, which in this way would be restarted only after a system crash. Other details: TIL 58648 advises not to connect USB devices (other than the mouse) to the keyboard, because this does not bring enough energy for supply. In particular, Apple USB speakers must be connected directly to the CPU or monitor (58676). Returning to the Cube, the CD / DVD player does not have the classic "buchino" on which to use a paper clip when a CD does not want to appear on the desk. A Til advises in this case to press the eject button on the keyboard, and if this is not needed either, restart keeping the mouse button pressed. It should also be noted that the Cube does not have an internal speaker but relies totally on external speakers, inter alia connected in USB, so that when you turn on your Mac the classic "bong" only comes after seven seconds, after the initialization of the USB circuit.Another nasty little detail, though perhaps more bearable, is that the new mice work on any surface, table, carpet or lawn, but … not on mouse pads! (TIL 58650) Except for those in solid colors: the designs and the nuances of color in fact disturb the optical sensor that could make the arrow assume a slightly strange behavior! (Edited by Silvio Sosio)

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