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The supreme court no, no and no!

The supreme court no, no and no!

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Microsoft does not want to go directly to the Supreme Court and asks that its case be first discussed by the appellate court. How much was already widely understood unofficially, it became official yesterday after the Redmond company compiled a document in which it formally rejects the request of the DOJ and Jackson to skip the intermediate grade of judgment. According to Gates lawyers the Expediting Act , on the basis of which the accelerated procedure was requested, cannot be applied in this case which sees the DOJ and the plaintiff states compile two different motions. In addition to this, errors have occurred in the process that need to be corrected before an appeal court before being examined by the Supreme Court. Microsoft also attacks Jackson. "We learned that the district judge gave interviews before the verdict was presented. This raises wide doubts about its impartiality ". It is known that Microsoft would prefer to avoid an immediate judgment by the Supreme Court to obtain a judgment from the Court of Appeal that in the past was very understanding with the company of the windows. Hence the attempts to avoid the moves of Jackson and the DOJ. But will Microsoft succeed in its efforts? According to some observers, the reasons given are not sufficient to tip the balance on Gates's side. Legal experts consider them weak and not stringent. The fact remains that the enormous case in its proportions: 30,000 pages of documentation that could block the activity of the supreme court for months. A pronouncement on the matter should be had for next October. If the Court accepts the case the final judgment will arrive by June. If it is up to the appeal court, the time will be nine months.

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