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The Multicloud, the solution to migrate content between different providers

Multicloud Aruba

If you have a website, an e-commerce or a company that manages data and services, surely you will have relied on a provider to manage your infrastructure. But not always satisfied with the service offered and other solutions are sought that guarantee a better level of assistance, a better type of service or a lower cost. This means having to migrate all or part of the infrastructure to another provider. We are well aware, however, that the migration of a platform is an extremely delicate moment and can also be quite risky as well as stressful if you are not followed with adequate assistance.

In recent years we have witnessed an evolution in technology that concerns data storage and migration. was introduced with excellent results the multi-cloud which has facilitated and simplified the data migration processes on a mix of cloud services from different suppliers. Only a few years ago it was unthinkable and even risky to migrate its infrastructure to several providers. Now, with the introduction of various tools that implement a multi-cloud data distribution, an end has been put to a limitation that prevented more freedom of choice than the best providers for each sector of an infrastructure. For example, a company can rely on a data storage provider, another provider to register a website and a third party to open email accounts.

Gartner, One of the world's leading research and consulting companies, has recently made a new forecast: by 2020, 90% of organizations will adopt hybrid infrastructure services.

Moving between different cloud service providers is not an impossible task. You just have to take a strategic approach and learn about your company and its infrastructure to make it clear what steps to take. After having acquired all the necessary elements to be able to decide, we see some suggestions that will help you to face a migration path of parts of the corporate infrastructure to hybrid and multicloud environments.

Migration projects: from the smallest to the most complex

To encourage the need for "unpack" its infrastructure and rely on different cloud service providers, in October 2017 born from the collaboration of over 20 organizations Open Cloud Foundation, with the aim of ensuring greater openness towards the migration from one cloud provider to another. Specifically, four are the key points of this foundation:

  • The migration facilitated by one cloud service provider to another.
  • Data protection.
  • Respect for intellectual property.
  • Interoperability between cloud providers.

The last point is the most interesting and allows you to rely on different providers to manage your digital infrastructure. Among the founding companies of the Open Cloud Foundation also aruba, market leader in Italy for domains, hosting, cloud, dedicated servers, e-security and online practices.

Aruba Cloud

Those who manage an infrastructure that offers different services and need to transfer part of them to a new cloud provider, can consider choosing Aruba to migrate the core part of their business (for example: their site in the case of an e-commerce). Entrusting Aruba with the management of the main component of its infrastructure guarantees greater security and reliability. The other secondary services, which do not play a crucial role such as sensitive data management, or product test environments, can be managed by secondary providers.

Why leave the management of the heart of the corporate structure to Aruba instead of entrusting it to other providers? First of all because an Italian company. This means data centers in Italy, with technical support always available that can communicate with the customer in Italian. In addition, engineers are trained to manage complex migration projects. Aruba provides the customer with the assistance provided by its qualified staff, able to design, implement and apply even extremely complex migration projects, with the possibility of easily moving their data and their entire infrastructure.

In particular, the specialized Aruba team can provide design and implementation support for the migration of:

  • Web sites.
  • Electronic mail systems;
  • Virtualization systems;
  • Storage systems;
  • Server and physical infrastructure;

Another advantage that can be obtained by relying on the experience and professionalism of Aruba, to have the awareness of joining a project, such as the one carried out by Open Cloud foundation, which promotes maximum openness to a mix of cloud services from different suppliers. Now the traced road, lfuture infrastructure will be a flexible mix of different cloud services and the choice of Aruba guarantees maximum transparency on the infrastructures and the certainty that if tomorrow one wishes to entrust part of the cloud infrastructure to another provider, the management of migration could take place with simplicity.