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The free Daft Punk song is on the Italian iTunes Music Store

Several times we have noticed that the iTunes Music Store, in its Italian version, still does not offer the free weekly song that has now become a pleasant habit in the versions of the English and French jukebox … not to mention the US one that has even multiplied the free offer .

Not exactly true to say that so far no song ever was given as a present by the iTunes Music Store "Italia" since around the last Christmas 2004 "Lalala" was offered on the occasion of the achievement of Titan by the Cassini-Huygens probe.

Now it is possible to download for free from the iTunes Music Stores of all the contemplated countries (except USA, Canada and Germany) a song by the French group that has been producing excellent techno-electronic music for some years: Daft Punk.

The song is called "Human After All (medley)" and the single that anticipates an upcoming album, of the same title, but that in reality is a mixed grouping of the pieces that will compose it.

In fact on the official website of the Parisian group the release of the disc published by Virgin / EMI announced for March 14th.

On the site there is also a short video (in loop) of what can be expected from these bizarre but brilliant musicians.

On iTunes instead the first excerpt: "Robot Rock" is on sale (we should explain to EMI Music Italy which is called iTunes and not iTune the most famous digital jukebox in the world, ed).