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The best apps to manage iPhone emails

Are you looking for an excellent application that is also professional to replace the official email client on the iPhone? By now emails have become an important aspect in professional and personal life. Most people today have multiple e-mail boxes and can't easily handle all of them iPhone email because these accumulate continuously and that implemented in iOS does not meet your needs.

The official Apple Mail app has many features and the advantage of playing at home, but it doesn't have everything the most demanding users need to handle emails. Fortunately, there are many alternatives on the App Store to choose from, both free and paid. But what is the best iPhone email application to manage multiple mailboxes and keep them all in order? Below we propose what we believe are the best iPhone email apps to manage them effectively.

iPhone email

The best iPhone email apps

1. Dispatch

email iPhone dispatch

dispatch not only one of the most versatile and powerful mail applications, but it supports a myriad of other third-party applications, including TextExpander, Pocket, Evernote, Things, OmniFocus and many others. dispatch also supports e-mail aliases, attached images, Touch ID and much more. Although dispatch does not support native push notifications, at least present the badge that notifies how many emails there are still to read, and this for many users can be more than enough.

You will hardly find an email application that also integrates with other applications and services as it does dispatch, the only flaw is the non implementation of iPhone email notifications.

2. VMware Boxer

VMware Boxer the most innovative app to manage email, calendar and contacts for iPhone and even for free.Boxer helps you do your job faster and more effectively thanks to some features like mass change, quick replies, calendar and contacts incorporated. Supports numerous email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, Exchange (2007 and later), Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud and IMAP.

VMware Boxer helps protect your emails by accessing Boxer with the fingerprint recognition feature. Or you can protect your emails with an access code or a PIN to encrypt the data.

3. Hop

email iPhone hop

Hop an application for the management of wonderful e-mail that stands out clearly from other mail clients. Hop transform your emails into conversations similar to those of instant messaging or text messaging applications. Hop supports Google, Yahoo, AOL and iCloud and offers native push notifications that are customizable based on threads. Other unique features of Hop they are the ability to create groups to send an email to or call other users they use Hop.

For a unique e-mail application that transforms the way you think and see e-mails, I suggest you take a look at Hop.

4. Triage

email iPhone triage

Triage not based on the traditional concept of Inbox, folders and message lists. Triage view incoming messages as a stack of cards. The simple idea: a swipe upwards on a schedaserve to archive lemail, a swipe downwards instead stores it. If you have the time and the desire to do more, you can tap on a card and get more traditional mail tools, such as replying and forwarding. Triage currently supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud, and many other third-party email clients through IMAP.

What do you think is the best email client for iPhone and iPad?

We know that the email workflow changes from person to person. While these are the choices that we believe will satisfy the largest number of users to manage iPhone emails, we are interested in knowing what you are using. Let us know in the comments below!

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