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Stricter rules for publishing free applications

The European Commission has released a series of guidelines to regulate in-app payments, to protect consumers who sometimes risk making purchases involuntarily using their own device

If it is possible to make in-app purchases, it is right that the application is no longer listed among the free ones. Googleso he decided to change the Play Store classifications, ceasing to categorize them as Free ones that include payments following the download. This change goes hand in hand with the request to those who develop them to integrate a form for the verification of each payment to be performed in-app: novelty that would avoid unwelcome or totally unaware purchases when the device that the user is using is already connected directly to his credit card.

The novelty mentioned above is closely linked to the recent requests made by the European Union regarding greater protection for consumers who turn to the world of applications (in particular, users of online games). At the moment it is not clear if the change announced by Google will happen only for the European market.

Screenshot 2014-07-21 at 11.07.37

Do not follow the same line, however, Apple: apparently in fact, despite having seen the guidelines defined by the European Union, the giant of Cupertino does not foresee any change for the developers who publish on iTunes (but it seems that iOS 8 will include the Ask to buy function, just to prevent unwanted purchases).

It remains to be seen if and how these requests from the European Union will impact the business model of many apps on the market.


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