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Signal, encrypted calls also on iOS

From the developers of Redphone for Android, a solution arrives to armor your phone calls in an easy way

(Photo: Open WhisperSystems)(Photo: Open WhisperSystems)

Have you always thought that encrypting your calls was hacker stuff, an impossible mission? Signal, an app for iPhone and iPad developed by Open WhisperSystems, will come to deny you. The Californian startup is already known for providing owners of Android smartphones Redphone, an effective solution dedicated to privacy addicts, which shares infrastructure and user base with the app now available for iOS.

The operation by the user is very simple: you sign up anonymously with your phone number and, as on WhatsApp, a list of contacts that already use the service is generated. To communicate (for free) you only need a data connection or Wi-Fi: the calls go to the Signal server network and from there are sortedwithout leaving a trace. The encoding and decoding of the audio stream takes place entirely on smartphones.


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