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Shazam is coming for Mac: useful or futile?

The music recognition system now also for computers. The mechanism is the same as the mobile one. But the utility?

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<p><strong>Shazam</strong>, we know, one of the most useful inventions of history after antibiotics and electricity <strong>the Mac version</strong> can it be equally valid?</p>
<p>The Shazam music recognition technology now also available as a free Mac app (you can install it if you have upgraded the OS X operating system to version 10.9 or later). The mechanism identical to that of the mobile app: once downloaded to the computer, it can identify a song and give notification of singer, song, album. In both versions you can directly access the iTunes Store to buy the song.</p><div class=

It remains for an open question: what function does Shazam have on a computer?

I'm supposed to know what's in between the songs I listen to in my personal collection, or on YouTube, Spotify or Deezer. And all these platforms can tell me autonomously which song is going through soundtrack of a movie (and I was on my couch, with the computer open in front), Shazam on Mac would be useful. At the cinema, no, definitely the mobile version.

The Mac app, perhaps, makes a lot of sense in the concept of coffeeshop, more in vogue abroad. In a Starbucks in New York, while I pretend to write my computer novel, I hear a song in the background: Shazam for Mac in that case.

I see it more difficult in an Italian sports bar.


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