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Record Expo

Record Expo

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MacWorld Expo is now the second most successful IT event for the public in New York. The definitive data released yesterday by the organizers who denounced over 60,000 visitors in the three days of the event that took place from 18 to 21 July have confirmed this: "The 61,250 participants – reads a press release – represent a 33% growth compared to previous year that had 45,000 printed passes. This is the most successful Mac event ever organized on the East thing ". Previous editions had similar results. in Boston, for example, the participants had already approached the 60,000 mark in the golden age of the Mac but had never exceeded it. The success of the event, again according to the organizers, testified also by the number of exhibitors ( 400) and from the record of the exhibition area: 294,000 square meters, 25% more than last year. The MacWorld Expo the most important event of the IT industry among those held in NY after Internet World that had done mark about 80,000 visitors. An important record that adds up to the first place that has held the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco on the west coast for many years. Just in San Francisco now the organizers are already watching. Last year the event had 85,000 admissions (one more day than the New York fair) and 500 exhibits, but the feeling that the 2001 edition could exceed that of 2000.

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