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Onkyo, a dock to integrate iPod into Hi-Fi and Home Teather

Onkyo, a dock to integrate iPod into Hi-Fi and Home Teather logomacitynet1200wide 1

Onkyo has announced an iPod dock capable of interfacing the player with its digital audio and video systems and home cinema amplifiers.

The device, also useful for recharging, is compatible with Onkyo's interactive remote controls that are capable of performing sophisticated functions. Thanks to the dock and the remote control, the sound of the iPod is routed to an Onkyo system.

Not all features of the iPod dock have been disclosed. The key feature of Onkyo products is the ability to interface various components, even produced by third parties, with its systems and control the various devices so assembled using a special remote control. It may therefore be thought that the iPod dock will be used to turn iPod into an audio input for an Onkyo stereo. The remote control allows you to remotely control all the functions, from the volume to the change of tracks to the selection of the playlist.

The iPod dock, of which no images are available, will be released in mid-2005 worldwide, including Europe.

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