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Nest Protect, the features of the intelligent smoke detector

Nest Protect the smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector on sale starting today at the price of 129 euros

Nest Protect is the new device for the smart home. it is a smoke detector that is immediately available in Italy, and produced by Nest, an innovative company that has found many admirers in Italy, famous for its smart thermostat.

Nest Protect, features

Forty years ago a fire took up to 30 minutes to flare up in a room while today less than five are enough. The modern houses, in fact, are built with different materials, contain synthetic furniture and open space environments and affect us on fires making them even more dangerous.

Now more than ever a smoke detector must be as useful as possible and not only through a beep, but it must provide useful and necessary information by sending messages on the smartphone to allow those in the house to leave unharmed from a dangerous situation.

To prevent the spread of domestic fires in new homes, Nest Labs, Inc., a company in the smart home automation sector, announces the availability in Italy of Nest Protect, the smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

Nest Protect

Nest Protect arrives in Italy

Nest Protect changes the essence of smoke detectors

Nest uses a split-spectrum sensor that uses two wavelengths of light to detect different types of smoke and detect fires quickly, both slow-burning and fast-burning.

This is important not only for the most obvious reason, and what is better to detect a fire in advance, but also because it prevents the annoying high-pitched sounds that are often felt as soon as a little cooking smoke comes out of the pan on the fire.

How it worksNest Protect

With Nest Protect rapid detection is equivalent to a first warning, or a delicate audio signal accompanied by a voice warns the tenants that the levels of smoke and carbon monoxide are increasing. It is an easily silenced notice: no panic, no noise, just turn down the flame, open the window and can safely continue to cook.

Nest Protect is silenced with an app

The fulcrum of any smoke detector is the acoustic signal, or the actual alarm that warns of the presence of a danger. If everything is under control, however, that sound may no longer be necessary and for this reason Nest Protect is specially equipped with the App Silence option that allows you to silence the alarm directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth LE.

After verifying that there are no dangers in the room, simply view the App Nest notification and hold down the Silence button, at which point the Nest Protect signal will stop playing. Fire brigades around the world recommend that you check the detectors. smoke once a month and implies having to climb a ladder to manually press the detector button. Many people do not carry out these checks, thus exposing themselves to a risk. With Nest Protect, a single button can be used to automatically check all Nest Protect devices in the home.

In addition, Nest constantly checks sensors and batteries, up to 400 times a day and also makes sure that everything works correctly even at night through the Golden Dreams function.

Nest Protect price and availability in Italy

Nest Protect available in Italy on at the retail price of 129, VAT included and at authorized reseller partners.

Nest Protect Italia