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Napster's last breath?

Napster's last breath?

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Today may be the last day of Napster's life. Marylin Hall Patel, a judge from San Francisco has in fact accepted the requests of the RIAA, the powerful association of American record companies, for the closure of the services of the service that allows the exchange of MP3 files on the Internet. By midnight today (American time), Napster will have to shut down its servers. "Napster – said Judge Hall Patell – created a monster. They have written the software and they will have to make additions that prevent copying and distribution of copyrighted material ". The judge thus gathered and embraced the RIAA's argument that Napster is used mainly to distribute illegally copied songs. Napster compiled an urgent motion requesting that the provision be revoked "otherwise we will dismiss 40 employees in a few days and 20 million users will remain without service ?. At the moment it is very difficult to think that the thesis will be accepted, so Napster will remain closed until the final judgment in the process is pronounced or until, as happened with other sites, it is not possible to find an agreement with the RIAA. Napster fans have already decided on a mobilization that ranges from simple protests to more concrete and less legal actions such as the hacking of RIAA sites. Yesterday, as soon as the news spread, even Napster had many problems. The members of the service have in fact rushed to download as many songs as possible.

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