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Monitors and new machines, clarifications

Monitors and new machines, clarifications

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Our article yesterday, in which we expressed all the concerns of some retailers about the policy of the new Apple monitors, aroused interest but also some confusion. There were those who thought that VGA monitors would no longer work on the new Macs and those who believed that the old monitors were all to be thrown out of the window. Actually not so. The new machines in New York impose some restrictions, but certainly for many users nothing changes. Let's discuss and clarify better. The main problems occur for those who want to buy a new Apple monitor to use on an old machine. In this case, to date there is no possibility to carry out this operation. Both the new 15 ? flat screen monitor and the CRT 17 screen and the new Cinema Display use a new proprietary connector called ADC, Apple Display Connector, which brings not only the video signal but also the USB and power to the monitor . Connect the monitor and make it work as simple as connecting a single cable, but only new computers have a port that supports this standard. According to some sources, some third parties are studying an adapter but its actual release is still written in the clouds. As we said yesterday, it seems that there are technical problems that are not irrelevant in this regard. There are more signals on the cable. It would therefore be a matter of building not just a small converter, but a sort of hub to connect a USB cable, the video signal cable and the power cable. Who, instead, has a new Mac and wants to use an old monitor, not has any kind of problem. The G4 multiprocessor and the Cube also have a standard VGA output. Who has an Apple monitor with Apple connector will have to use an adapter, but this "brokerage" was already required also with the previous version of the G4. The lucky few who have an Apple Cinema Display are the worst placed after the presentation of the hardware of New York. The 16: 9 launched with a big pump last August that can only be used on machines that have the DVI output that Apple dumped from the machines in New York to make room for the ADC output. In this case, therefore, by purchasing a biprocessor or the Cube, the Cinema Display becomes just an ornament. This combination, as we said, is perhaps the worst because if it is true that those who want to buy an Apple monitor for an old machine and cannot do it, it has the possibility of buying some other display, whoever has an Apple display with a DVI connector has no alternative. any kind. In this case, it also seems difficult for some third parties to take charge of the construction of an adapter that, well, could sell a few hundred pieces worldwide. Therefore, DVI cinema displays are destined for obsolescence in the company of the old G4s and will soon be forgotten. Situation not very happy when you consider that it is an 8 million monitor …

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