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Microstereo for iPod

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Even shuffle has its own stereo system. To launch the original and super miniaturized station called Shuffle Station, the British Pod Gear.

The accessory is a true amplifier for iPod shuffle, equipped with two speakers and an amplification system on which the player is connected. The technical data speak of a 4 watt output with a frequency range from 100Hz to 20Khz. An external power supply allows the stereo to be powered and the iPod battery to be recharged, but there is also the possibility of using four AAA batteries.

Interesting, again on the subject of micro stereo, also Shuffle Station. In this case it is a small amplifier with two small speakers that connects to the top of the player and through which you can listen to music. Here too, a battery supplies the accessory (which has a power of 1 watt) for 10 hours.

Podgear products are distributed in Italy by Upware.

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