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Microsoft: we believe in the Mac

Microsoft: we believe in the Mac

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Microsoft believes in the Mac and will continue to develop and enhance its product line for our platform in the future. Some of the representatives of Microsoft at the American site Macnn said that the dedication of the Redmond company will be manifested very soon, with the release in September of a charred version of Internet Explorer and certified by the release of a new version of Office, the 2001 announced during the New York Expo. "The fact that we announced a new policy that will lead us to rent applications via the Internet and share them on remote and local networks – reads an article by Macnn – does not mean that we will abandon the world of packaged software. The Mac has a market large enough to require commitment in this regard and a very high demand. "According to an unidentified member of the MBU (Macintosh Business Unit), Microsoft would believe so much in the Mac that it independently decided to extend the production of software for MacOs beyond the five years previously agreed. This is obviously not a favor but an economic calculation. Office for Mac is the third most economically viable application for Microsoft with 400 billion in annual profit. Finally, in the Macnn article, MBU representatives do not fail to express all their concern about the separation into two different companies requested during the trial of Washington. "The division would be the worst thing possible, even for the Mac community. We would no longer be able to support the current research and development efforts."

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