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"Made for iPod": Apple's royalties and consumer protection

"Made for iPod": Apple's royalties and consumer protection logomacitynet1200wide 1

Being able to pin the wording "Made for iPod" on its products (like so many of those recently photographed at Macworld Expo in San Francisco) that work as iPod accessories, could become an incentive to sales but also a "tax" for third parties and in the end about consumers?

With the exponential growth in sales of the iPod and accessory products for its use in every area and the appearance of new producers ready to exploit the lucrative market, the problem arises of verifying that the Apple reader is not combined with components that they do not follow the specifications or they can damage the internal electronics.

To guarantee the consumer with a trademark for the ?DOC? accessory and at the same time to start a co-marketing campaign, Cupertino has started, for those interested, the official certification of an iPod compatible product.

It seems that the cost of being able to show this denomination, arrives up to 10% in the case of low-priced items according to what some producers have said, but they seem enthusiastic about the initiative because on the one hand it certifies the quality of its achievements and on the other it adds greater visibility than competitors who have joined the market in full blast. The success of the iPod does not seem to slow down and as we approach the 4.5 million iPods sold in the quarter, companies like Belkin claim to have already sold over 2.5 million of pieces from their vast catalog of accessories, on the other hand it is estimated that each iPod user spends around $ 150 to "complete" it after buying the actual reader. Belkin states that the affiliation to "Made for iPod" does not translates into higher final costs for the consumer.

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