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MACWORLD: The country cousins

MACWORLD: The country cousins ??

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New York They fell into the shadow cone of the Cube and the new G4s, but perhaps on another occasion they would have had the honor of the first page for the relevance they will have in the daily experience of Mac users. We are obviously talking about the new mouse and the new ones extended keyboards presented at the opening of keynotes. Even in this case we were able to get our hands on the new products and the impression is very favorable. In particular, the mouse no longer has anything to do with its unfortunate predecessor that has forced many Mac users to resort to third-party peripherals. It is not so much the size that helps (in reality it is not much larger than the round one we are used to handling), but it is its shape that makes it comfortable. The grip is very close to that of the old ADB Mouse (which however beat it for weight and size) but the similarity stops here. The case is in fact a very intense silver color, only partially translucent. Below the white apple, the LEDs of the optical sensor can be seen. Below the red light is much more intense so as to project a real "beam". The mouse behaves very well when it is tried to move on even irregular surfaces. Apple in its stand has even set up small "tracks" with different materials that simulate grass, mouquette, wood. On all the cursor is perfectly controllable without difficulty. The keyboard is not very different from the old extended keyboards of Apple with 108 keys. The mapping is the same and also its look. Of course, the plastic that is similar to that of the mouse changes and is similar to that of graphite keyboards. The keys have a good answer. The two products, said Steve Jobs, will be released in September but can be ordered immediately. The price is interesting: 49 $ which should translate into around 120,000 lire (including VAT) on the Italian market. We anticipate great difficulties for third-party producers, particularly for Koreans and Taiwanese who, while not building screaming devices, had a good game of placing their products in a landscape dominated by two negative protagonists like the round mouse and the mini-keyboard that debut `with iMac. Now we expect that only those who are always able to make superior or innovative products will be able to survive the impact of new Apple peripherals

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