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MACWORLD Dusted off the range of monitors.

MACWORLD Dusted off the range of monitors.

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NEW YORK. Now it is possible to choose between three Apple monitors: the beautiful 22 ? Apple Cinema Display, which we already saw in San Francisco, the renewed 17 "CRT ($ 499), which incorporates a new Mitsubishi Natural Flat tube Diamondtron with a diagonal of 16 ? up to 1600 x 1200, but which has a shape and transparency that some do not hesitate to define "sexy" and the completely new Apple Studio 15 "inch display ($ 999), which is very similar to its older brother 22 "($ 3999). With a resolution of 1024 x 768, the 15" LCD is one of the most beautiful seen lately, it has an interface like the one experimented for the first time on the Cinema Display (completely digital ), therefore, currently, it can only work with the ATI Rage 128 Pro that equip the G4 (PowerMac and Cube).

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