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Lego and Samsung together for a Ninjago-themed tablet

The Korean tablet customized with the contents of the outgoing movie is actually a reissue of an old low-end product

(Photo: Samsung)(Photo: Samsung)

Not a mystery that everything that touches the Lego brand in recent years turns into gold. In the last few days the news has actually spread that the company plans to leave 1400 employees at home due to lower financial results, but the group's perception is still that of a successful company. For this reason, probably Samsung has decided to forge a collaboration for the launch of a tablet dedicated to the latest movie inspired by bricks: Lego Ninjago.

(Photo: Samsung)(Photo: Samsung)

The film will arrive in US theaters this weekend, the theme of which will be the Lego and laggi group of martial arts themed toys will be accompanied by a tablet made ad hoc by Samsung. The tablet aimed at a very young audience: the exterior protected by a super-resistant body and enriched by the presence of the characters of the film, while inside there are pre-installed various games and educational apps.

Unfortunately the hardware components are not exactly at the forefront: the tablet, which will end up on the market under the name of Galaxy Kids Tablet 7.0 The Lego Ninjago Movie Edition, seems to be a simple re-edition of an old low-end tablet that Samsung put on the market in 2015. Even at the price proposed, of around 150 dollars, not a recommended purchase.

(Photo: Samsung)(Photo: Samsung)

Fortunately, the temptation to bring one home will not even occur to the Italian public: there are no news of an official entry of the tablet within our borders.


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