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Kdan Mobile Document 365: create and edit PDF like a professional

PDF has become one of the most important document file systems in the world. The PDF facilitates the sharing of written documents with others, since it looks exactly the same everywhere. Regardless of the device you open it in or the software in use, a PDF document will look the same everywhere. However, while PDFs are fantastic, they have some disadvantages. The biggest drawback of PDFs that are not easy to modify. In fact, free PDF viewing software with a smartphone or desktop has no built-in editing features. That's why you need third-party apps that carry this functionality. In this article, we will talk about one of these software that not only helps you edit PDF documents, but does much more. The solution we are talking about is called Kdan Mobile Document 365, which includes Kdan's PDF Reader mobile and desktop apps along with online conversion and fax services. So let's take a look:

Note: Kdan Mobile PDF Reader available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. I have tested the app on my MacBook Pro 2016, however, most of the features I discussed are available on all platforms.

Main features

  • Robust reading engine

The Kdan Mobile PDF reader makes it easy to read PDF documents. It offers a pleasant and comfortable reading experience with sliding pages and advanced settings. I also like the fact that the software opens PDF files in tabbed mode, thus allowing me to switch from one document to another with a simple click. The reader is supplied with different display modes including day, night and sepia . Night and sepia mode offer a relaxing reading experience and are ideal for reading long PDF files in the dark.

A major feature of Kdan Mobile PDF Reader is the ability to edit and tag PDF documents. As I said before, one of the biggest drawbacks of PDF files that cannot be modified with the integrated software. Kdan Mobile PDF Reader solves this problem by making it very easy to edit PDF documents . I also like the markup feature as it allows me to easily mark PDF documents that are really useful. I normally use markup during the search as it allows me to easily mark important points. Overall, both the markup and the editing are fantastic here.

  • Collapse, combine and hyperlink

With Kdan Mobile PDF Reader you can also compress a PDF file to reduce the file size for easy sharing, combine multiple PDF documents to create a single document and add the necessary links wherever they are needed. Just like editing, Kdan Mobile PDF Reader makes it really easy to perform these functions.

PDF documents are also very secure as the format allows individual documents to be password protected. It makes us the right PDF file type for sharing sensitive files. Kdan Mobile PDF Reader makes it very easy to lock documents using complex passwords . Just click on the option to lock the document and then enter the desired password. Once the document lock is enabled, no one other than the person who has the password will be able to unlock and read the contents of the document.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Kdan Mobile PDF Reader offers a lot of other features including the ability to insert photos into PDF documents, convert images to PDF, slideshow mode and more. On Android, Kdan Mobile PDF Reader also allows free-hand annotations with copy and paste of the content. Finally, the Windows version comes with full support for Windows Ink Workspace. This means that you can use a digital stylus to edit PDFs on supported machines.

User interface

The Kdan Mobile PDF Reader offers an intuitive user interface similar to other document editors like Pages and Microsoft Word. This means that users will be familiar with the user interface and will not find it confused. The toolbar at the top that contains all the tools while the documents are opened in a tabbed view at the bottom . As I said before, I'm a fan of his tab view as it allows me to easily switch between documents. It makes it very easy for us to refer to several documents while I am researching an article. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the user interface.

Ease of use

The Kdan Mobile PDF Reader quite easy to use when you spend some time with the software. As I said, all the instruments are housed in a top toolbar. The fully customizable toolbar, thus allowing users to keep the tools they need at the top while the less important ones are neatly hidden. This is very important as it allows me to keep my toolbar usable and messy at the same time. Use tools as easy as arranging them. Just click on the tool you want to use and it will be activated.

For example, I can click on the highlighter tool and then select the lines I want to highlight or select the review tool and start marking the document. The only problem I encountered while using the app was when I was using the table tool to insert a table into the documents. While it worked without major problems, it was difficult to make use of it. Resizing and moving tables was a problem and I hope the developers will solve this problem. Besides that, I really don't have any complaints here.

Price and availability

The Kdan Mobile PDF Reader available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. The app can be downloaded for free and uses, however, many of its features are hidden behind a paywall. If you want to use all its power, you will need to sign up for them Document 365 plan which costs $ 4.99 a month if you opt for an annual plan . With the subscription, you will receive a pass for full access to premium features in reading applications and PDF Reader desktop on all smart devices, PCs and Macs. You will also have 1TB of Kdan Cloud storage space that you can use to synchronize the your documents on all devices. Keep in mind that the subscription opens the premium feature on all your devices.


  • Easy to use
  • Edit and mark PDF easy
  • Combining and compressing PDF files takes a few seconds
  • Different reading modes
  • Plethora of tools


  • The table tool difficult to use

Edit PDF like a pro with Kdan Mobile PDF Reader

Editing PDF files doesn't have to be difficult. With Kdan Mobile PDF Reader, you can not only edit PDF files like a professional, but also use numerous other tools that can help you do almost anything you want with your PDF documents. You can edit PDF, use markup, insert photos and tables, compress and combine PDF and more. So, if you want to use all these features, check out Kdan Mobile PDF Reader.

Check out Kdan Mobile Document 365 here