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Improved Google Search: three updated features

Changes for Google search results: more images and smarter related searches to facilitate the discovery of new topics.

News and changes within the mechanisms of the Mountain View search engine: Google launches theupdate of three functions to increase our thirst for knowledge.

Google Search Updates

The update of the related Source: Google

A recent article published on the official blog of the Californian company has aroused particular interest in the world of the web, and in particular in those who live in close contact with the search results every day.3 the innovations implemented by Google, all marching in the same direction: guide the user in discovery of new topics, stimulating curiosity by passing from one topic to another.

The new features of Google

Search not only serves to answer your questions, but also to discover new things. We do research to explore new topics of interest, to find new ideas for ideas or things that we think we already know, or to find information that we never even thought to ask.

Thus begins the post signed by Michael Galvez, Product Manager of Google, which introduces in a few simple examples the changes made within the brain of the search engine. Over the years, the SERP has been enriched with new elements that have enabled Internet users to reach an answer to their needs in ever times faster but, in addition to providing timely responses, Google now focuses on facilitating the discovery of new topics.

The efforts of the latest improvements were more focused on two focuses, namely:

  1. Increase of the images in search results;
  2. Addition of tips and related pertinent to queries.

In practice, all this translates into the three improved features in Google:

  • Featured Snippet;
  • Knowledge Panel;
  • Related Searches

The improvement of the snippets

Particular attention was paid to the so-called featured snippets, also known as zero results, or the search results that appear first in the upper part of the SERP. Until now, Google has found around the web the right information to satisfy the query, by extracting only a portion of relevant text that can immediately satisfy the user's request.

From now on, instead, the featured snippets are enriched by the presence of explanatory images, with a dedicated space that is broader and able to contain, in addition to the text and visual elements, also related to the topic requested.

Enriched knowledge panels

Another update is the one that sees the Knowledge panel as the protagonist, the box present in specific search results that give a complete preview of what you are looking for. Here too, Google has decided to work on related topics, integrating contents annexed to those sought within the Knowledge panel.

More intelligent correlates

Finally, an even more pragmatic application of Google's artificial intelligence: news are coming about related searches. In particular, based on a search sequence with arguments with a common denominator, Google will be able to offer related searches, this time at the top of the screen with a visual preview. If, for example, you will be searching on the World Cup that will be played in 2018, and immediately afterwards you will type names like Messi, or even Neymar, Google will also offer the names of other famous soccer players that could interest the reader and thus enrich the fruits of research.