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How to watch RAI fiction videos

rai fiction

When you want to watch a TV series or TV series there are several services that you can activate, free or for a fee. The web offers many opportunities to watch your favorite series, there are specific sites on which you can watch for free all the series you want. There are also other ways to watch TV series for free in a completely legal way, using the sites of some television platforms and more. In this article we see how watch RAI fiction videos both on the computer via the web and on mobile devices, but also on Smart TVs.

Among the many free opportunities to watch not so much TV series but especially TV drama, in this article I want to propose you RAI Play, the platform that allows you to watch live, but also in deferred films and all the fictions that RAI has broadcast over the years. If you want to watch RAI fiction videos on the web or via the smartphone app, read on and you will discover how easy it is to review the best RAI fiction that you missed or want to see again, divided into genres such as Comedy, Drama, Sentimental, Action and Adventure, etc.

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How to watch RAI fiction

RAI has made available to users the possibility of watching fiction through the website with a specific site. Just go through a browser on the website and you can watch all the fiction and TV series broadcast over the last few years.

After entering the main screen, you have the option to select "on air", "not on air", "All". Select "All"To have the complete list of all the fictions available in the archive and you can select the one that interests you using the cards in alphabetical order.

rai fiction web

After finding the fiction that you have decided to watch, click on the title and a page will open with some information of the cast or of the most significant images of the fiction, if you then go to click on the video, this will start for the vision.

In addition to using the RAI fiction website to watch your favorite video at home, if you are traveling, you can still review your favorite videos on RAI fiction both on the smartphone and on the tablet for all platforms, by downloading the app RAI Play for iOS and Android.

rai fiction app

It is also easy to select the fiction you want to see from the app. You must select "fiction"In the left menu and enter the tab you are interested in choosing between" All "," Comedy "," Drama "and other sections. Click on the section and the fictions contained in the chosen section will appear. If you want you can also download the video on your computer to watch it offline, if you don't know how to do it, read the guide on how to download movies and TV series from Rai TV.

If you have a Smart TV, you can directly use the App that you find on the TV device. Start the app and choose the fiction you want to watch. If the App RAI Play not present among those pre-installed, you can download it for free from the ?Download App".

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