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How to use iMessage on Android

Who owns an iPhone knows iMessage, the app to send text messages, photos or videos from iOS and Mac devices using Wi-Fi or cellular data. The characteristic of these messages that are always encrypted and are displayed in blue comics. iMessage the messaging app built into the iOS system that can easily communicate with Apple's microcosm devices. You can also use iMessage by sending SMS to non-iOS devices, but these are not encrypted and are displayed on the iPhone in green-colored comics. But did you wonder if it is possible to use iMessage on Android?

Who has an Android device, by default can not enjoy this app automatically, but not impossible, just keep reading to find out how. If you are an Android user and want to use iMessage on your device, then you've come to the right place. In this article, in fact, we will explain to you how to use the famous Apple messaging application on devices with Android operating system.

iMessage on Android: possible today, thanks to an app.

iMessage over the years has improved a lot and become one of the most complete messaging applications around, offering different, interesting, functions.

If you've come here because you're interested in using iMessage on your Android device. Know that there is an excellent application that allows you to install this service in a simple and immediate way, without using complicated hacks. It is about weMessage, and probably the best app of its kind in circulation. It supports practically all the features offered by iMessage, including group chats, notifications with read confirmation, attachments, emoji and animoji, senders block and "do not disturb" mode. Indeed, the application also protects messages with AES encryption like that of iOS. The application has a limit: it works only if you have a Mac at home.

In fact, a Mac will be needed for the application to work, given that weMessage does nothing but use the accessibility features and Apple APIs dedicated to the iMessage application for Mac.

So if you have an Apple computer and an Android phone, then this is the best solution to use iMessage on your smartphone. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

How to use iMessage on Android

  1. First of all, download the weMessage application on your Android device for free from the Play Store. So, download Server on the Mac.
  2. Since weServer is an application not available on the Mac App Store, you will need to change your Privacy settings on your Mac to install it. If you don't know how, read this guide. Once installed, just follow the instructions to configure it.
  3. At this point, open the weMessage application on your Android device and log in by entering the password and email you use for iMessage.
  4. The game done. Now you can use iMessage on your Android smartphone!

This procedure is not for everyone, in fact a pairing between a Mac and an Android device is needed. If you do not have these two devices, you will not be able to use iMessage on Android.