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How to turn iPhone into WiFi Hotspot and use it as a modem

Do you have an iPhone and want to use it as a router to connect other devices to the Internet? Are you in a place where you don't have a WiFi connection to connect your computer to the Internet? If you have to work with the computer, that's a big mess. But if you have an iPhone, the solution exists and it is also easy to share your iPhone's 3G or 4G data with a Mac or an iPad and surf the internet wherever you are. In the guide we want to talk about this, how turn iPhone into WiFi Hotspot and create an internet connection on your computer or tablet through the data network of an iPhone.

Ever wanted to be able to share your iPhone's cellular connection with a WiFi-only device nearby, like a laptop or an iPad? You're lucky, because it's easy to turn iPhone into a portable WiFi Hotspot, opening your web connection to other devices that are close by, entering your password. Read on to find out how.

Why create a WiFi hotspot with my iPhone?

Suppose you are traveling with your iPhone and MacBook or with a WiFi-only iPad and want to work on the MacBook using the network. At this point you have two options: do the work on devices with bigger screens, but without using the internet; or browse online but use a smaller iPhone screen.

Turning your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot gives you a third option, which allows your laptop and tablet to be connected to the phone's web connection. WiFi hotspots are ideal for working on the move, as if you had a portable modem.

easy to turn your iPhone into a hotspot, but be informed first with your phone operator or at least check the terms and conditions of the contract; some networks prefer that you do not use this option and may charge you extra (or limit your data volume) if they find that you are creating a hotspot. This is the case with Vodafone (read the following guide).

How to turn iPhone into WiFi Hotspot

Turn iPhone into WiFi Hotspot like having a WiFi router, very similar to your home. The iPhone connects to the Internet via the 3G / 4G cellular data connection, then turns the connection into a WiFi connection to which you can connect with your Mac or other device, or you can create a wired connection to the computer's USB port.

Here's how to set up a WiFi hotspot for iPhone

  1. Open the app Settings, then select Personal hotspot. (In iOS 10 or later. In some earlier versions of iOS you only need to select Mobile).
  2. Enter in personal Hotspot and set personal Hotspot on On. (Move the key so that it turns green).how to turn iPhone into WiFi Hotspot
  3. If WiFi and / or Bluetooth are turned off, iOS will ask you if you want to enable them. It is recommended to do so, without them the hotspot will be limited to USB.
  4. Touch "Wi-Fi password"And enter the appropriate password (not the one of your Apple ID or the usual WiFi connection).
  5. Now from your MacBook or iPad check the name of your iPhone's hotspot listed under the heading Wifi to connect (select "David's iPhone").
  6. Click the WiFi icon in the Mac menu bar or open the Settings app and tap WiFi on an iPad and choose the WiFi hotspot.
  7. Enter the password from step 4.

turn iPhone into WiFi Hotspot

This all. Now you should be able to browse the Internet on your MacBook or iPad without a card, using the connection provided by your iPhone.

If you don't have a WiFi icon in your Mac menu bar, open it System Preferences and click Network. Select Wi-Fi in the list on the left. Choose the iPhone hotspot from the drop-down menu Network name.

turn iPhone into WiFi Hotspot 1

While you are here, you must place a check mark next to "Show Wi-Fi status in the menu bar".

Now you can surf the Internet on your Mac or iPad using your iPhone's data connection. The result may vary depending on the quality of the iPhone's network connection. You may find that the Internet works slower than you are used to if the iPhone is in an unhappy position. Find a location where the signal is stronger and you will have a faster connection.

When you have finished, go to Settings> Mobile> Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and set it to Off.


As you have seen, turning iPhone into WiFi Hotspot quite simple, but what happens if someone tries to enter your data connection, using it to access sites and obscene content?

You should be quiet, because the hotspot of the iPhone is protected by a password (one more reason not to choose a simple "password" to locate. However, in case it happens you will notice, because, when a device accesses its hotspot, you will see a small notification at the top of your iPhone screen, so you will receive a warning if someone in your train compartment can guess your password.

A more important warning concerns the data limits on your navigation. easy to forget that you are accessing the web from a device that may have a 3G or 4G data limit. Remember to avoid downloading large apps or videos to avoid consuming your credit quickly.

If you want to connect to the internet on a PC using the data network of your iPhone, then I suggest you read this guide and you will have a portable modem.

If you have an Android smartphone, in this guide you can see how to set up a WiFi hotspot on an Android phone.