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How to save on Netflix, DAZN, Apple Music subscription services

save on subscription services

State or commercial networks rarely offer quality content. If you want to follow sports events or first-hand films, you need to turn to paid services. In this period there are several digital services that allow you to watch movies, follow sports events or listen to streaming music via the internet that you normally can't find on free channels. Among the most important we remember Netflix, NowTV, Apple Music, Spotify and also the new DAZN. All services that for those who follow sport, have a passion for TV series and love music certainly can not do without. But all these digital platforms have a cost and the bill at the end of the month can also be very high. So how can you save on subscription services without giving up? One way there is. Read on to find out how.

How to save on DAZN, Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify, NowTV subscription services

Are you looking for a way to pay less for your streaming subscriptions? There is a sharing economy service that allows you to do it! Is called Together Price and a site that allows you to share your accounts with other users, doing so save up to 80% of the subscription price.

Services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Dazn, NowTV and Netflix all offer a "family subscription", which allows you to share the service with more people by paying a single fee. in this context, Together Price comes into play.

How to use the service to save on the cost of the subscription

To use this innovative service, all you have to do is sign up for free on the site Together Price and choose whether to be ADMIN or JOINER.

LINK |Together Price

Of course you will already have to know with which group of people you want to share a subscription. It can be a group consisting of your family members, your work colleagues or your friends.

Together Price

Click on "Log in now"And you will be taken back to the page to sign up for the sharing service and create your account. To simplify access, you can also sign up with your Facebook or Google account.

Together Price Access the service

Once registered, an email will be sent to you. From your inbox you will need to click on the link to confirm the email address. When you enter the service you will be asked to choose between two options:

If you choose to be ADMIN, you will make available your subscription to the streaming service you wish to share, deciding with how many people you want to share it. All you have to do is wait for other users to join your subscription. Together Price will automatically manage everything, dividing the fees based on the participants and automatically saving you the cost of your subscription.

If you choose instead to become JOINER, you will be able to consult other users' proposals and join their account. In this case it will comeapplied a small commission of 0.99 euros which covers the costs of bank transactions and sharing management.

Together Price Options

Selecting CREA the service allows you to create groups, accept requests from group members and also to receive monthly dues directly on the Wallet.

Create a group with Together Price

By clicking on IT BEGINS the page will appear with all the subscription services available to get the discount up to 80%, sharing them with a group of users. As you can see from the following list, not only TV services but also software and antivirus you can buy in groups. A novelty introduced recently that makes the joy of many users who would like to buy an original product but it costs too much.

What subscriptions can I share?

Services available on Together Price

Together Price allows you to share virtually any digital services that allows the creation of a "family" account. As you can see in the previous image, in the catalog there are Netflix, Dazn, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Now TV, Tidal, Amazon Music. But not everything! The service also offers the possibility of sharing purchases software with multi-user licenses (like antivirus), management software or multi-account access to business products and services (such as GSuite, Dropbox, Office, Adobe), or gaming platforms such as Xbox and Steam and Vpn provider.

You will have to choose the subscription service, fill in the information, indicate the number of free places and publish the request within the site, in order to be found by users who ask to participate in a group.

Together Price all services

For example, a Netflix subscription includes a family-only subscription. That is, between members of the same family and you can share this service with up to three people. The Premium subscription that costs13,99per month can be shared with 3 other people. The reimbursement will be respectively of3.50 for each user of the group, for a total of10,50. So, the subscription will cost you only 3.50 a month.

Is it a legal service?

Users who wish to participate in a group can do so by signing up for the service and then choosing the subscription they are interested in, by looking in the search bar located on the other page. You can search by service name or by Admin name.

If you're wondering if the service it offers Legal Price Together, well, the answer is yes. The site respects the conditions of use of the individual services, favoring the groupings envisaged by each multi-user subscription plan.

Together Price is a social platform that has the task of lowering the share of TV and software service subscriptions by simply sharing them with other people.