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How to protect your PC from ransomware

Ransomware is certainly among the most dangerous threats with which you can infect a PC. They literally "hostage" the desktop and the files on the system (encrypting them), asking for payment of a ransom in return. If you don't pay the ransom, in most cases the files are lost forever.

This type of threat is very dangerous, especially if it infects a company PC or a PC on which you have saved important documents. In this guide I will show you how can you protect your PC from ransomware effectively, so as not to be the victim of the "blackmail virus" yourself.

Protect your PC from ransomware

Update Windows regularly

It might seem like a nuisance or a hindrance, but Windows updates are vital to be able to fix exploitable bugs from all malware, including ransomware. If we have Windows 10 we won't have to do anything else, the system will update itself periodically automatically.

If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 you should set your Windows Update preferences. You open Windows Update from the Start menu.

protect PCs from ransomware

Open the item Change settings.

In the window that opens you will see a drop-down menu, select Install updates automatically (recommended).

Once this item is selected you can immediately check for updates; in the Windows Update menu you can immediately start this search using the item Check the updates.

Install a good antivirus

With a good antivirus you will be able to stop the ransomware before they can lock your PC and take the files hostage. To protect the PC from ransomware I recommend trying one of the following free antiviruses:

Remember that these antiviruses can protect you 100% only if regularly updated.

In Windows 10 integrated the antivirus developed by Microsoft can offer a good protection on the system, but you can safely replace it with one of the antivirus that I have reported.

Download the ransomware "cleaners"

If you have already contracted a ransomware on your PC, you will need tools that can remove them without having to pay any blackmail. These tools are free and can be used to remove most "blackmail virus" infections.

The best tools (to keep!) To remove ransomware are:

These tools are available as a CD to burn and boot into the PC before Windows starts. Once started they can be used to clean the PC from the ransomware already present in the system.

Unfortunately, to recover the files encrypted by this type of threat, there is no single solution, as there are various methods based on the type of threat encountered. In these cases it is good to write down the name of the ransomware that hit us and start an internet search based on this name. You can be sure that among the first entries you will find specific tools to remove threats.