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How to earn € 10 free with Hype

earn 10 for free with Hype

How to earn free money a recurring question on the web. It would be nice to be able to receive money while sitting comfortably on the couch at home and there are many sites that talk about various methods to achieve this goal. The problem is that often you do not earn real money but you can spend it in certain shops or digital stores. In this article I would like to show you how to actually get money for free, which you can spend at your leisure. A possibility that is offered by a prepaid card, which allows you toearn 10 for free with Hype. Let's find out how.

How to receive 10 free with Hype

You will certainly have heard of Hype, the prepaid card made by Banca Sella. If you don't know it, think of Hype as a card American Express. A prepaid card that does not include any activation, management or top-up costs. You can use Hype to make online purchases safely or in physical stores. One of the strengths of this card is its being smart. It is in fact connected to a smartphone app (iOS and Android) that allows you to manage every aspect related to the card. Through it you can decide to activate or deactivate the payment with the card with a single touch (very convenient if the card is lost or if you want to disable payments for any reason). You can recharge it by credit card or bank transfer (completely free of charge and without commission compared to what happens with PostePay) and also compatible with Apple Pay is Google Wallet. This means that you can add the card to your digital wallet and use it to pay directly with your smartphone. The Hype prepaid card is a payment method that makes digital its strong point.

But let us return to the most attractive point of this article. How to earn 10 for free? To encourage the activation of this card, 10 are given away to all people who request a new Hype card via a friend's invitation. Do you want to receive 10 of you for free and enter the world of Hype? Here's how.

Procedure to earn 10 free with Hype

The procedure to sign up for Hype and earn a very simple operation. The key thing to get the 10 to start the procedure through the invitation link from a friend. In this case you can use the one you will provide below.

  • From your PC or smartphone (indifferent) click on this invitation link to Hype.
  • Now you have to click on the buttonRegister for free.
  • The registration procedure will start, during which you will need to enter your personal details and upload a photo of your identity card. The procedure is really simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Make sure the item I have a friend code both enabled, otherwise you will not receive the 10 bonus.
  • During the registration phase you will be asked if you want to receive the physical prepaid card or not. I remind you that Hype supports Apple Pay is Google Pay. This means that you can also do without the physical card and use your smartphone exclusively to pay. I have chosen to receive the card too, so it will not cost you anything, free.

At the end of the registration procedure, you will have to wait for that Hype process your request and activate your account. In a few days Hype will contact you again via email to complete the activation process.

How to get the 10 credited

Well, you've almost completed the procedure! To receive your bonus, now all you have to do is place a small top-up on your card (even 1 is enough). Within 7 days you will be credited with 10 welcome bonuses. I received the credit the next day. Other people who carried out the same procedure instead saw the 10 credited after a couple of working days.

Compliments! Now you can use the bonus to make purchases online or at all physical stores.

What you can do with the Hype app

With the iOS and Android application of Hype, which I invite you to download on your smartphone, you can manage every aspect related to the prepaid card. You can see the number, the expiration date, the CVV and also the PIN. Furthermore, you can temporarily disable it and connect it to your digital wallet. This really is a new way to manage money. A very clever service the possibility of storing up to 5 other cards in HYPE, which you can use when you need them and recharge your account instantly.

From the app, with one click you can lock the card so that no one can use it. With another click and immediately the card becomes usable again, without the need to send emails, call or send text messages like other cards.

In addition, you can send and request money in real time to friends and pay with contactless. It can also be used by a minor by not creating any kind of legal problem. You can make or receive transfers from the app, because each card has an IBAN number and you will be notified of each transaction.