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How to create your social networking website with Ning

We all use social networks every day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat; the list goes on. Although these networks are large, they are too large to be dedicated to anything in particular. For example, both Instagram and VSCO are image sharing social networks and while Instagram is used for many other purposes, VSCO establishes itself as a quality platform for sharing photographs and nothing else. The chances are that you are also tired of the familiar faces that make jokes stale, writing quotes and posting unnecessary content that does not even satisfy your interests. Of course, you can always follow relevant channels and pages, but wouldn't it be better to have your dedicated portal of like-minded people, sharing quality content of a main theme? Yes, I am talking about having your social network as a meeting point for members of a community that share the same interests.

While the idea of ??having your social network sounds great, the fact that it requires a lot of coding and technical knowledge. But what if we told you that there was a tool to facilitate the process? Free it so much that you could create your social network in a few minutes. Sound too good to be true? Good, believe me, true. The talented Ning team has developed its SaaS solution to help its customers create their own social networks with ease. Do you want to build your social network? Read on as we tell you how to proceed smoothly, thanks to Ning.

What is Ning?

Ning describes itself as an online tool that provides you with a platform to create your social networking website. there largest SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to the world for creating its own social media website. It offers advanced tools and sophisticated ways to help you build your platform with ease. You don't even need to know a bit of code. The Ning platform works on a web-builder framework, which allows you to create websites using simple drag-and-drop actions. Unlike other social networks that are for a general public, Ning allows you to create a network of people with similar or common interests.

How Ning simplifies the process of building a social network

Ning makes the whole process of creating your social network easy and fast. No technical knowledge required to proceed. THE' drag and drop network editor by Ning together with the Design Studio they are easy to use tools to create your website as you see it. It works directly with a domain you already own and the builder helps you create a website with a simple but powerful design studio.

Ning's platform includes also a huge number of pre-installed apps and features that help you build a big network. You can add your photos and videos to view your portal. Moreover, you have the possibility to implement blogs and forums in your social network for a better involvement with the members. It allows us to communicate with your followers, something that is very important when designing a social network. In addition, you can add and create events within your network and grow a larger user base.

For any social network, it takes time to become a big thing. As such, it is necessary to share everything with your current social friends. Well, Ning has an option of connection and social sharing to connect the entire community to your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. It allows them to see what you post on your portal, as well as on other social networks. Furthermore, your community has login support through these different networks to facilitate the registration process.

While Ning is great for non-technological users, even customers with technical knowledge will find it fantastic. In addition to having more design models and a design studio, the platform offers also its users can create their own design, in the way they wish. After all your network, and you should have all the control, and Ning gives you this. If you have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can implement your personalized web pages.

In a world where everyone uses their smartphones, simply having an online social network will never be enough. You need to make it more accessible to a wider audience. The team behind Ning understands it, and all the web pages created using the design studio have a responsive design that uses HTML5 . Therefore, all the web pages of your social network can be easily accessed on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Furthermore, having a dedicated mobile app for your social network always helps. Fortunately, Ning offers its customers its own set of APIs, which facilitates the entire task of creating your own app. Yes, you will still need to create your app, so you need to do a coding for it. But having a dedicated set of APIs simplifies the process, enabling efficient implementation.

Your portal could be excellent, but useless if it is not attracted by a fair amount of traffic. As such, Ning provides tools of Lightweight Analytics that let you see how your community is growing. It also allows you to see your members most interested in motivating them further. Furthermore, Ning's platform offers its users easy to use SEO tools that help you create a network that is well classified.

With Ning, you can create your user community. Your community can be public, private or even a club reserved for members. You, the administrator, will have complete control over everything and can also assign roles to various other members of the community. With fine-grained privacy controls, you have the ability to moderate content moderation. Also, networks created with Ning also feature anti-spam protection to help maintain quality standards.

Not everything, Ning has recently introduced the functionality "Paid Access" and "Donations" to help users monetize their communities. While the function Access to payment designed to monetize all types of communities, the Donation function aims to help non-profit communities. The paid access feature now available for beta and should be available for all communities by November.

Overall, if you consider all the features mentioned above, you need a lot of technical knowledge and a lot of hours to set things up too. Thanks to Ning, you can start in a few minutes and create your fully functional social network in no time.

Price options

The non-economic quality – I think we've all heard that line somewhere. Although it is true in most cases, I strongly doubt that the same can be said for Ning. For the plethora of features offered by the team, their prices are quite affordable . The basic plan starts at just $ 25 a month and you can upgrade to their performance plan for $ 49 a month. Finally, we also have an Ultimate Plan that is available for $ 99 a month, but better try one of the first two plans to grow your network first. Despite the difference in price tags, the only difference between the 3 plans is the amount of load that the network can absorb, and the game made. There is no lack of support or functionality in any of the plans. In addition, you can also choose to take advantage of one test of 14 days of any plan you like. For a detailed comparison of plans, be sure to check their price options here.

Ning: is it worth it or not?

Ning is a great platform for creating your social media and connecting a group of users with similar interests. It offers a plethora of features and support, even at superb prices. With Ning, you can create a social network that meets your specific needs, brings people together in your inner circle and expands your global influence.


  • Easy to use tools
  • Efficient Design Studio
  • Affordable rates


  • The user must own his own domain

Create your social network using Ning

Ning affirms itself as the simplest and easiest way to create your social network with just a few clicks. While there are other portals that offer solutions to create your website, Ning takes things to a higher level. It eliminates the need for coding or any technical know-how and makes everything easier.

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