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How to create Gmail aliases

create alias Gmail

If instead of using your real email address, you can mask your Gmail address with another address without spreading the main one. Without using another email account, you can create an alias and use it from the same account. This is useful when you need to provide your email address to subscribe to newsletters, websites, online comments and similar situations. You're already thinking that create alias Gmail It will be a complicated procedure, but not at all true, just follow this guide.

What is a Gmail alias

Basically, a Gmail alias is to give your Google email address a different name to hide your true identity. For example, if your email address (Email protected), within Gmail you can set a separate address by calling it (Email protected). So, you can use the second address as an alias when you don't want to provide your personal address. In this case, the messages will still be delivered to the inbox of your main Gmail account.

If you don't know the procedure, here is the guide that allows you to create a Gmail alias within your own Google mail account.

Log in to your Gmail account online

First, you must already have the e-mail address you want to use as an alias. You must be able to access this email address through the verification process. For this example, we will use another Gmail address to demonstrate how the whole process takes place. If you use an address with a domain other than Gmail, please note that the verification procedure may be different.

Now, you will need to log in to the Gmail website and log into your account.

How to create Gmail aliases of your email address

After logging into your Gmail account, log in to Settings to start.

1) Click Settings (gear icon) at the top right and select Settings.

2) Click Account and import o Account, depending on the type of Gmail account you have.

3) In Send Message such as, click Add another email address.

Add another email address

4) In the pop-up window, enter the name of how you want the account to be displayed and the email address you wish to use.

5) Make sure the box Consider as an alias is marked.

Add another email address

6) Click on Next step and you will be asked to verify that the address is yours, then click Submit verification.

Check new email address

7) Go to the other email address and click on the link in the message or take the code and enter it in the box on the next screen.

check email address code

8) Click Close the window.

Now when you get back to Your Gmail account settings, you will also see this email address listed.

If you also want to respond to the e-mails of this alias email address, you must mark the first option inWhen a message is answered selectingReply from the same address to which the message was sent. This will show the address you are going to reply to at any time, regardless of your main Gmail or alias.


Using an alias address can save you from uncontrolled disclosure of your true email address, and still allows you to view the emails you receive in the email alias in your main inbox. And if you have an iCloud account, setting an alias just as easy with this guide.